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Telling the Story Backwards

By: Ned Stringham

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When you read a story about a successful entrepreneur in the media, it’s important to remember that in almost every case it is being told after the fact, after the events and after the ‘success.’ By looking backward, the writer always knows how the story ends. They have the luxury of shaping the events to show the path to success. The hard edges are rounded off and miss-steps seem less important. Too often the actions the leaders could have taken that may have delivered greater success and examples of other companies that followed a similar path and failed go unreported. More

Turning an Offer on It’s Head

By: Ned Stringham

A very clever deal guy taught me a simple mental trick when evaluating an offer to sell part or all of your company. He told me, “if you say no to this offer to sell, it’s the same as you buying the business for that price.” The price you turn down is the price you effectively ‘paid.’ It is now your new baseline. You now have to create value above and beyond that baseline. Can you still grow the value of your business at a rate and to a size above that level which justifies saying no to the offer? More