Mobile Invades the Enterprise

By: Ned Stringham

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The revolution in mobile computing for consumers is well under way and moving faster than any technology wave before. Following right behind it is the enterprise adoption of mobile applications. IDC expects spending globally to reach $11.5 billion by 2014. This wave is likely to up-end industries, create new winners and losers and extend the process of creative destruction throughout the enterprise world as it has in the consumer world. More

Drowning in Web-Based Tech Tools?

By: Ned Stringham

The proliferation of sales and marketing applications is growing at an unprecedented pace. Because of the tremendous value these tools can bring to businesses, the fragmentation and adoption of many new channels for marketing, the lower costs of cloud-based application development and the friendly environment for starting and funding new technology ventures, this deluge of new tools all makes sense. In fact, it seems likely to continue. More