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February Venture Capital Deals


February saw many new funding deals for cloud, tech, mobile, SaaS and social media. Here’s the summary of new deals for February.

COMPANY: Access Media 3
DESCRIPTION: Media services provider
ROUND: Private funding
AMOUNT: $30 million

DESCRIPTION: Internet television solution for consumers
ROUND: Series A
AMOUNT: $20.5 million

COMPANY: Backplane
DESCRIPTION: Social communities centered around interests
ROUND: Series A
AMOUNT: Undisclosed

DESCRIPTION: Online video network
ROUND: New funding
AMOUNT: $12 million

COMPANY: Compass Labs
DESCRIPTION: Social media advertising platform
ROUND: New Funding
AMOUNT: $6 million

COMPANY: Eccentex
DESCRIPTION: Dynamic case management cloud solutions
ROUND: Series A
AMOUNT: $7.5 million

DESCRIPTION: Consumer to consumer social marketing platform
ROUND: Series C
AMOUNT: $10 million

DESCRIPTION: Mobile content management and tracking
ROUND: Series B
AMOUNT: $10 million

COMPANY: Manthan Systems
DESCRIPTION: Business intelligence and analytics solutions
AMOUNT: Undisclosed

DESCRIPTION: Always on access to desktop apps and data
ROUND: New funding
AMOUNT: $21 million

COMPANY: Paddle8 Inc.
DESCRIPTION: Online art market place
ROUND: Series A
AMOUNT: $4 million

COMPANY: Spoken Comm.
DESCRIPTION: Cloud platform for contact centers
ROUND: Series B
AMOUNT: $11.5 million

COMPANY: SugarSync
DESCRIPTION: Service to sync files across computers and devices
ROUND: Series D
AMOUNT: $15 million

COMPANY: Squirro
DESCRIPTION: Personal digital research app
ROUND: Angel Funding
AMOUNT: $1.5 million

COMPANY: TastemakerX
DESCRIPTION: Social mobile platform – targeted taste
ROUND: Seed Funding
AMOUNT: $1.8 million

COMPANY: Tello Inc.
DESCRIPTION: SaaS and mobile apps for customer interactions
ROUND: Series A
AMOUNT: $2.7 million

COMPANY: TerraEchos
DESCRIPTION: Big data analytics for cyber infrastructure
ROUND: Seed Funding
AMOUNT: $2.7 million

DESCRIPTION: Social media management platform
ROUND: Series B
AMOUNT: $4.4 million

DESCRIPTION: Social television app maker
ROUND: Series B
AMOUNT: $14 million