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Partnering with entrepreneurs to grow B2B, cloud-based businesses with a vertical market focus.


We focus on B2B software businesses


The cloud has brought with it the capability to create, deploy, scale and support software applications.

Mobile Apps

The mobile device has become essential for the business user as the consumer

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning, natural language processing and other forms of AI are become essential tools in modern software solution

Big Data

A businesses data is becoming it's most important asset. Unlocking the insights that data brings creates the value


We get involved before a business reaches $5 million

We get involved before a business reaches $5 million in revenue and after its technology, service and business model have been proven viable and attractive. Typical investment levels range from $250k up to $5 million.

Experience over capital

We prefer opportunities where we can be partners with management and active, not small minority investors just along for the ride.

Highly defined markets

Unlike typical venture firms that look for billion dollar markets, we look for businesses focused on specific industries or specialized functions where the products can be more differentiated.

Partnership over control

Unlike most private equity firms, control is not necessary. We value partnerships where we collaborate on the plans, not dictate them.

Flexible deal structure

Since the capital we invest is our own, our objectives align directly with management typical VC firms that are driven by annual management fees and carried interest.

We understand the challenges

Every person on our team has been an entrepreneur themselves. We’ve started, grown and sold technology businesses making hundreds of millions for our investors and ourselves.

A few of our successes

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